Friday, December 31, 2010

Moving Blogs.. again

Tofino, originally uploaded by girl from finito.
3 years and at least 100 posts ago I moved my first blog here - I had set it up on what turned out to be a very unstable site, my sister - who was at the same site as well - moved too . So both my sister and I started posting on blogger about the stuff we were doing.
As it turns out Mary and I do a lot of things we blog about together. As awesome as this is it leads a few double posts and information hunting (did mary post that?.. hmmmn maybe I should write something else).
So as of the start of the new year we are officially merging our two blogs.
We both will be blogging at and due to a nifty feature of blogger all of our old posts are there as well... mixed together and all in order.
I'll keep this blog up as I think there are a few links that will probably break if i delete it and that is more trouble than it's worth at the moment..
so head over and check out what my sister and I have to say!

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